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Updated: Feb 1, 2021

As NBA All-Star weekend 2020 prepares to touch down in Chicago, IL, I think about my last trip to Chicago and the absolute banger of a meal I had. My guy Won Kim is a restauranteur, graffiti writer, DJ and Chicago Legend; his restaurant Kimski, is a Korean-polish fusion restraint and bar that I stop by whenever I’m in the city.

pictured from left: Me, CZR PRZ, Max Sansing, Jake Merten at Kimski in 2019

So I was out in Chicago with the squad and I hit Won saying we should grub. He responded by saying we were going to roll to a friend’s restaurant, and we should meet him at Kimski; from there we were off to Marz Community Brewing Co., a brewery with delicious beer and a free arcade in the back. After having a Cloudy Boyz and spanking people at NBA Jam we rolled to the main event Entente. Entente is an eclectic and imaginative Michelin star recipient, owned and operated by Chef Brian Fisher and Ty Fujimura, and when I say they put on a show I mean *claps hands* THEY PUT ON A SHOW! After being served wine, we were served the following:

The Ora King Salmon and Pheasant were personal favorites of mine, and the wedge is a sight to behold, but nothing compared to the whole duck. I almost shed an entire river of tears from how delicious and crispy that duck was. It was so good I almost bought it the next day at TimeOut Market Chicago where Brian and his team also operate an outpost.

After a not so quick bite, and the itis that approached, I had to link with Won for a quick bite and some questions:

F&C: What’s the last good meal you ate and where from?

Won: I'm actually not sure. I think the last meal that wowed me was a dumpling noodle spot called Lao Peng You. A few people started putting them on blast on social media and now they can't keep up with demand which is a great problem to have. Im just hating because I'm a fat selfish bastard and want all the dumps and noods for myself.

F&C: Who's someone that's pushing/inspiring you right now?

Won: That’s a tough one but right now, but my girlfriend Kendall who recently just started nursing school. The long path she took to get there, on top of the actual schooling she is currently doing with a smile on her face is inspiring to me to keep pursuing my dream, focus and continuing to work hard.

F&C: If you could steal any one piece of art from anywhere, what would it be?

Won: Anything James Jean related. Dude is just insanely talented and waaaaaay too good at art. Its almost unfair.

F&C: If you woke up tomorrow as a fictional character, or with any superpower, who or what would it be?

Won: I think the power of all three ghosts from Scrooged combined to help people realize what assholes they are. Through a series of visiting current, past and future versions of themselves, I could help change their assholish ways to become better people.

F&C: Any exciting projects or events people can know?

Won: Nothing too particular, just continuing to work and be culturally relevant I guess?

If you find yourself in Chicago, or if you need a reason to roadtrip there, make sure you pull up to Kimski and tell him I sent you. He’ll probably tell you to tell me to eat a bag of dicks of something, but it's all love.

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