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Food & Convo Podcast: Ep 4 - Miracle Seltzer

Ep.4 - Food & Convo talks with B. Thom Stevenson, visual artist and creative behind Miracle Seltzer, a carbonated water uniquely designed through the lens of art, culture and fashion. B. Thom takes us through his journey from fashion design and music collaborations to a decade-long career with Marc Jacobs as a 3D concept designer. Most recently, Miracle Seltzer teamed up with Warner Bros. & Adult Swim for a special edition seltzer flavor based on the hit show Rick and Morty, Pickle Rick. It's no surprise that the limited release sold out quickly, but merch packs are still available on the site.

Enjoy episode 4 and tell all your friends to listen, share and subscribe. Continue below for visuals of our visit.

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