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Food & Convo Podcast: Ep 8 - Senator Harriette L. Chandler

"It's so important to see people of color involved; It's important to see women win elections."

Ep.8 - All hail Senate President Emerita, Harriette L. Chandler, known affectionately to many as Harlee. On this final Friday of Women's History Month, Food & Convo had the honor of talking with one of the most prolific and staunch supporters of racial equity, social justice, pay equity and women's reproductive rights in Massachusetts. The first woman from Worcester ever to be elected to the Massachusetts Senate, she also served as the 94th President of the Massachusetts Senate.

Taking much pride in her Jewish heritage, Senator Chandler shares some of her favorite recipes and the importance of food and independent restaurants to the local culture and economy.

We dive into sneaker culture, her friendship with former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright (her classmate at Wellesley College), the importance of representation in politics, being present in the moment, education and her and her husband's crusade in racial justice.

*Interview recorded VIA zoom out of respect for COVID-19 protocols. Socially distant photos taken at a later date.

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