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In The Studio W/ CZR PRZ

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

While in Chicago I had the opportunity to visit the studio of my friend Cesar Perez. Cesar and I met in Worcester, MA in 2017 during the POW! WOW! Worcester mural festival when he visited a curated artist and assisted him on his mural. In 2018, he returned to Worcester and painted a mural at the Flagg Street School.

Mural by CZR PRZ in Worcester, MA (Photo courtesy of Ian Lundie)

CZR PRZ (Caesar Perez) is a Chicago Native with over 20 years of experience as a street-artist, illustrator, painter, designer, and installation artist. He is mostly known for his street art and large scale public murals, but His design and production expertise allows him to work on a range of projects, including his work with Nick Glazebrook as the design and production studio Ava Grey Designs. He hosts a studio at MANA Contemporary, a rapidly expanding art center set in an enormous landmark building in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood.

An artist’s artist, CZR is extremely collaborative; during my visit I saw quick studio drawings from Golden 305 and Birdcap, stickers from Secret Walls, XILE, and The London Police, and a work in progress collaboration with Revise MCW.

Spread amongst three different studio space, CZR exhibits paintings, sculptures, and the centerpieces: plexiglass figures sculpted to resemble animals. While learning from CZR about his process cutting and creating these pieces, , I was blown away by his insect pieces sprinkled throughout the studio space.

If you’re interested in his work, or contacting him for a gig you can find information here or hit him on Instragam @no_vwlz.

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