• Clyde

Is the art world ready for Action Bronson?

Do art critics take Action serious as an artist? Do you? Peep the slideshow below.

Ariyan Arslani aka Action Bronson broke his leg in 2011 while working at his father’s restaurant in Queens. It's report that he left his job as a gourmet chef and started rapping then. Since then, Bronson has dropped about four albums, been the center of two TV shows in partnership with VICE, and released a New York Times bestseller. In 2017 another unfortunate leg injury lead Action to create 100+ paintings; in which he began posting on his Instagram in the Summer of 2018. Later that year, one of his paintings were used for the cover of his "White Bronco" album.

Since then, Action has sold editions directly to fans ( I have two), sold exclusive pieces to collectors and has even held his first solo exhibition in San Francisco in partnership with Jeremy Fish.

This creative expression isn't something Action's new to. He's been writing graffiti since the late '90s. Now will the art critics take him serious? Only time will tell. - Keep doing what you're doing Ariyan, It's refreshing.

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