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&Convo with My Little Brother (Ty Cole)

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

"Mom...please bring me home a little brother!"

These were the words I said to my mom when she told me she was going to bring me a sibling. I'm sure a little sister would've been cool (shout to my older sister Le), but I really wanted to have a little brother; someone I could teach to be just like me. As we've grown older, I often think back to the random things I tried to teach him: being a Knicks fan, loving soccer, crushing video games, foreign political agendas - I failed at all of them. But my little brother has grown into being one of my favorite people and one of my best friends. He's gone from my name being his first words to having a platform where thousands of people listen to his own. What better way to celebrate the holiday than to chat with him about growing up together and reminiscing about mom's lasagna.

Che: What's your favorite holiday/ Christmas memory of us?

Tyler: I thought about this question for a while. I remember when we were younger and we were super into wrestling. We had wrestling video games and a bunch of wrestling toys; The Hardy Boyz, Lita & Trish Stratus were my favorites. I also had a big thing for Chris Jericho. My favorite memory is when you used to have to build the wrestling ring for me lol. No matter how many rings mommy got me, you used to have to figure out how to build them so I could play with them. I used to keep a journal with all my booked matches and storylines. I Loved Monday Night Raw. But yeah I used to love unwrapping my presents and making you build them so I can play with them.

Che: What's the last good meal you had and from where?

Tyler: I had a vegan impossible cheeseburger wrap from Blosson on Columbus with a garden green sauce. It was bomb and I had a Pelligrino to wash it down.

Che: What's your favorite Xmas meal

Tyler: Mom used to make her homemade lasagna on Christmas and it was always where it’s at! I wish she did more of it.

Che: What was something I got for Xmas that you wish you got?

Tyler: Not sure because we always had our own thing. There wasn’t anything that came to mind. I feel like I always got what I wanted.

Che: Is there anything you wish we would’ve done on Xmas as a family that we didn't do?

Tyler: I feel like we didn’t do a Christmas photoshoot ever. And I wish we did that as a family. Something professional that we could have around our houses.

Che: Eggnog or coquito?

Tyler: Coquito. No question. It has to have the cinnamon stick in the coquito. It gives it the most flavor. Make sure that’s in there.

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