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&Convo with Arielle Raycene

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

F&C: Tell us your name and a little about yourself.

Arielle: My name is Arielle Raycene and I'm an actress, social activist and social media influencer spreading a message of acceptance in all of my work.

I've trained with Lesly Kahn & Company, Tanya Linette Smith, John Rosenfeld Studios, Upright Citizens Brigade, Second City, Doug Warhit, and Scott Sedita, and have modeled for Maxim, FHM, and Esquire. I'm currently the face of Pantry LA with other modeling campaigns running.

Last year I released my own creative content and one of the projects, "Stated", features me as 19 characters and has been picked up by multiple networks, including Playboy, and is headlining on my YouTube channel, Proper Addiction.

I split my time between NY and LA doing theater and TV/film on both coasts, and just got off a successful run of a play 'Used' where I was the lead actress.

Fun Fact: In LA, I reside in an old bungalow of the great director Andrew Mccullough and in New York I stay in the room of the the Rent playwright, Jonathan Larson.

F&C: What’s the last good meal you ate and where from?

Arielle: The last really good meal I ate was after I finished the last run of my play and I was looking for a good cheat meal. We ended up finding this cute little “mom and pop” Italian restaurant in SOHO in New York called "Emmets". If you like pizza this is the place. They have thin style and Chicago style. We got both of course. We were spying on what other people got and it all looked fantastic. I wont lie, I think about it often… :) 

F&C: Who’s someone that’s pushing/ inspiring you right now?

Arielle: I guess it changes from what I'm doing at the time. Generally speaking I would say I push myself every day to become a better person today, mind and body than I was yesterday but when I'm working on a project I hope that the director is really pushing me to try new things and to discover a new life in each scene or when I'm working with my acting coach I hope she challenges me with parts that are outside my core or when I'm working out I need my trainer to challenge my body to do more because we can always do more that we think!  As for people that inspire me, I feel that the possibilities are endless- there's so many people in the industry that inspire. However last night I watched Jim and Andy: the great beyond documentary with Jim Carrey about the making of "Man on The Moon", and I have to say Jim Carrey is such a source of inspiration now- I'm so amazed by him. He was always amazing in his movies but after I got to hear him talk as himself he is beyond remarkable.

F&C: If you could've had a role in any movie; what would it be? 

Arielle: There's so many, but I think I will have to go with Patricia Arquette in TRUE ROMANCE also known as Miss Alabama Whitman. What a fun character she is and what a FUN adventure we get to go on with her and Christian Slater (Clarence Worley). 

F&C: If you woke up tomorrow as a fictional character, or with any superpower; who or what would it be?

Arielle: Hmmm I always wondered what it was like to be guy and British for that matter. So why not go with the most suave male Brit I know. James Bond baby! I would fight bad guys, jump off roofs and dance with women! Sounds like a killer time. HA

F&C: Any exciting events or project you have coming up to tell our community about?

Arielle: Right now I'm working on a project that has to do with Andy Warhol and I’m suppose to be shooting a series in June that I would have been able to talk about soon but given the circumstances until the madness is over -I hope to pick up where we left off and be able to report back to you soon with an update.

You can follow Arielle on Instagram (@thearielleray) to see what projects she's working on and how she's pushing culture forward.

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