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#QuickBite with Imagine

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

When asked if she had a favorite restaurant, Imagine quickly gave us the address for Himalayan Kitchen in Somerville. It was there, in their intimate dining room, that we sat with this extremely accomplished artist, activist and entrepreneur and learned the humble beginnings of her career, what drives her passion and keeps propelling her forward in the ever-changing world of arts and humanity.

Sneha Shrestha, well-known by her street-art alias Imagine, is using her art as a means of creative expression and education about her culture and native origin. Originally from Kathmandu, Imagine's work is not only about the words she creates using the script from the Nepali alphabet, but the feeling and questions they are meant to evoke.

If you've ever been to Cambridge, there's no doubt you've encountered one of Imagine's colorful murals covering buildings and institutions, like Harvard University where she manages visiting artists. More than murals, Imagine has held residencies at museums such as the Museum of Fine Arts, collaborated with brands like Reebok and mentored students and aspiring artists.

We could go on and on, but who could tell Imagine's story better than herself? Watch #FoodandConvo #QuickBite with Imagine here.

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