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#QuickBite with Melissa Marin

Hustle like devil, Soul of an Angel.

F&C: State your name; who you do; and who do it for.

Melissa: My name is Melissa Marin. I am a creative director that specializes in branding and development in the music industry. I do it for my family, God, my legacy and for the people that have the same heart as me.

F&C: What’s the last good meal you ate and where from?

Melissa: My last good meal was at Coyo Taco; in West Palm Beach. I had the fried Grouper tacos with Elote Mexican style corn on the cob...yummyyy!

F&C: Who’s someone that’s pushing/ inspiring you right now?

Melissa: Someone that is pushing me and inspiring me right now is my boyfriend Carlos Del Valle. He is that every day, unconditional support system. He pushes me to be my best version. Although I have been doing that on my own for years; having him on my team is the most inspiring feeling ever.

F&C: If you could steal any one piece of art from anywhere; what would it be?

Melissa: If I could steal one piece of art it would be the "Maternity" Fernando Botero piece in Medellin, Colombia. It is such a powerful piece; and I grew up walking past it--- an incredible memory implanted in my head from a young age. [10 things to know about Fernando Botero c/o Christie's]

F&C: If you woke up tomorrow as a fictional character, or with any superpower; who or what would it be?

Melissa: I would be the Ego Snatcher ... I would walk around snatching people’s egos so that the world could be a better place.

F&C: Any exciting events or project you have coming up to tell our community about?

Melissa: I started a new brand called Diosa; and I am excited to continue building that platform of strong, beautiful women through fashion, through inspiration highlighting women in the entertainment field, arts field and every field that you can imagine.

Another is potentially moving to New York to be closer to my boyfriend and to elevate there and gain new clients there. Lastly, in motion towards working with Artillery Music in Miami, Florida they have a strong team and great talent.

I am very excited for the way things are excelling in 2020 and looking forward to what is on its way. Super Grateful and blessed to be walking in line with my purpose.

To learn follow Melissa along her journey, add her on IG.

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