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&Convo with my twin brother Blyde

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

*This interview may or may not be a work of fiction*

If you have listened to our podcast, then you know I rep Miami all day every day. If you haven't listened to the podcast then stop reading and go listen to episodes 1, 2, and 3, currently streaming everywhere podcasts are streamed.

What you may not know is that I have a twin brother named Blyde who loves to rep being from Florida. It makes no sense to me, and we couldn't be more different, but it is the holidays so it only seemed right to have a chat with him about the holidays.

Clyde: What's your favorite holiday/ Christmas memory of us?

Blyde: I remember when we were kids and people used to mix us up all the time. The only way to tell us apart was when they would ask us what we wanted for Christmas, and you always wanted new cool shoes and recording equipment, and all I wanted was an airboat so I could cruise the everglades and see some gator. That one year you got the MPC and I got my new fan blades was the coolest.

Clyde: What's the last good meal you had and from where?

Blyde: I had some mofongo from El Rinconcito on NW24th

Clyde: What's your favorite Xmas meal?

Blyde: C'mon boy...you know that gator hits. Also rice and peas. Island boy life!

Clyde: Is there anything you wish we would’ve done on Xmas as a family that we didn't do?

Blyde: I wish you told more people about me. I think I'm pretty cool

Clyde : You know I love art and music. Hov, KAWS, & Fab 5 Freddy are some of my favorites. Who's your favorite artist?

Blyde: C'mon bro! Trick Daddy, Uncle Luke, JT Money, and the Florida Gator.

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