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#Quickbite with Yaz's Table

When I was tasked to create my first #QuickBite for F&C, I first thought “brunch”, immediately followed by “Yazzzzzz” as in “Yaz’s Table”. Having been once before, I was hype to have an excuse to get out, sit down and eat up at one of my new favorite spots that I was more recently put on to.

If you’re not familiar with Yaz’s Table located in Abington, MA, allow me to introduce you right quick. Owner and Abington native Yasmine Zakhary opened her own doors back in 2015 after working up an impressive resume and gaining experience in some of the most renowned restaurants throughout the Boston area. Offering above and beyond your typical breakfast and lunch favorites with a not-so-typical Mediterranean flair, Yaz’s Table takes pride in sourcing fresh, local ingredients to create a true “farm-to-table” feel and brings that same energy to their standout craft cocktail menu as well.

The name aligns perfectly with Yaz’s intention of making guests feel as if they are pulling up a seat to a table in her own home, complete with all the little details and ambiance to set the vibe. Speaking of ambiance, let me just say that paying homage to her Egyptian roots through subtle yet beautiful décor throughout the restaurant is so aesthetically pleasing to someone like myself who has always had a fascination with ancient Egyptian culture that it adds to the experience for me. The dining room is cozy, but be sure to check back during patio season to really bring “Sunday Brunch feels” to another level. Patrons are seated on a first-come, first-serve basis though, so if you decide to go during prime brunch time, be prepared to chill for a bit as there may be a wait.

This time around, we arrived around noon and waited about 30 minutes before the two of us were sat-not bad for a Saturday. After a pleasant greeting from our server came the first question I was excited to answer: “What would you like for a beverage?” I splurged on my damn self, ordered the $6 Pistachio latte...and had zero regrets.

Being a coffee connoisseur, I knew what it was when I signed up that Pistachio is a flavor of coffee that in my experience could go in either direction. Thankfully, Yaz’s people know what they’re doing and made one of the best lattes I’ve tasted in my 30 years of living. The beverage itself was delicious, but it was the Baklava dusted rimmed glass for me.

For our meals, we went with a little bit sweet and savory to experience the best of both worlds.

First up, a savory order of the Chicken and Waffles, accompanied with a strip candied Sriracha maple bacon and homemade Honey Sriracha maple syrup. It. SMACKS. Although the Honey Sriracha syrup isn’t my first syrup of choice to saturate my chicken and waffles in, its unique flavor is one I’d recommend trying if feeling adventurous.

*Side note: Yaz’s secret Egyptian homemade hot sauce is the only one they carry in-house, so if you’re strictly a Franks/Tabasco kinda guy/gal, you might want to exercise that hot sauce in your bag swag for backup. Don’t let that deter you from expanding your hot sauce horizons though-it’s definitely worth trying!

On the sweet side, an order of the Challah French Toast served with Crème Anglaise and homemade whipped cream. I had to get the fresh strawberry add-on because I’m unapologetically extra and it’s a must-have for my sweet fix. It was as equally satisfying to the belly as it was to the eye upon its arrival to our table. Super thicc, moist and tasty (the French toast that is.)

To tie things together and because I need all the carbs, we split an order of “The Original” style Home Fries 3 Ways. Now I know a good order of breakfast potatoes when I taste one, and the blend of house seasonings Yaz uses to flavor them with works (insert chef kiss) perfectly.

Once the itis began to creep in, it solidified another successful trip at Yaz’s Table was in the books. If you’re on the hunt for a new brunch spot and want to take a little drive or find yourself in the Abington neighborhood, be sure to check them out for yourselves. Tell ‘em Food & Convo sent ya!

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