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&Convo with Tamara Dhia

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Tamara (rhymes with camera)

F&C: State your name; and tell us a little about yourself.

Tamara: Tamara Dhia, TV Host, freelance. You've seen me on E! News, Complex, TRL and most recently NTWRK.

F&C: What’s the last good meal you ate and where from?

Tamara: I just got back from NYC and had an incredible meal at Catch Steak. I always eat my way through cities I visit which is one of my favorite parts of traveling!

F&C: Who’s someone that’s pushing/ inspiring you right now?

Tamara: I'm constantly inspired by my friends and family who always hold me down when I am making moves and are always moving and shaking in their own right which inspires me to keep elevating. Like the rest of the world, I was deeply affected by the recent passing of Kobe Bryant, someone who I looked up to in many regards. The Mamba Mentality has gotten me through some pretty big roadblocks, both physically and professionally, and I continue to utilize it when needed.

F&C: If you could steal any one piece of art from anywhere; what would it be?

Tamara: Oh man, I mean aside from classic art that is hanging in places like The Louvre, I'd be ecstatic with any pieces from Takashi Murakami, Yayoi Kusama, Banksy or Daniel Arsham in my collection.

F&C: If you woke up tomorrow as a fictional character, or with any superpower; who or what would it be?

Tamara: People always laugh at me for this but Dr. Strange! He has a multitude of powers that allow him to bend time and space so he can fly, teleport, create protective barriers, etc. Other heroes are generally relegated to just one specific power which is why Dr. Strange is a beast.

F&C: Any exciting events or project you have coming up to tell our community about?

Tamara: I was just in NYC with Nike for their 2020 Olympic presentation which was an incredible experience! If you follow me on Instagram (@tamaradhia, shameless plug) you got to see their upcoming sneakers and apparel, and all of the celebrities in attendance, before anyone else. Aside from that, I'm now back in LA shooting with NTWRK and have some more exciting news coming soon that I can't discuss yet :)

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