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Teiji Hayama at Unit London

Teiji, is a Japanese painter known for his supernaturalism elongated, milk- skinned nymphs paintings. Hayama was born in Japan in the island of Kyushu, he grew up in Kumamoto in a large family of artists. After high school, Teiji Hayama moved to London where he studied art and fashion.

I discovered him in 2018; and I've been a fan ever since.

This January, Unit London welcomes Teiji Hayama for his first solo show at the gallery. "FAME is here in all its twisted, grey-scale glory, forcing us to meditate on what it means to interact with the notion of celebrity in a digital age." - Unit London.

The majority of Hayama’s subjects have been plucked from the silver screen, they depict the elongated, amorphous figures of some of America’s most iconic stars. The detachment in their gaze belies a purgatorial exhaustion, as if continuing to exist in the digital, retweeted realm after death is considerably taxing.

However, FAME is not just about celebrity, it’s about how all of us interact with fame and what fame is in a contemporary setting. With the emergence of wide scale social media interaction, the prophetic Warhol adage that “in the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes” looks increasingly apt. Hayama’s work is about the exhaustion felt by us all as we carefully curate our digital personas, waiting for our brief twirl on the spotlit dancefloor of FAME.

His solo exhibition runs through Feb 15th. If you're reading after that date (2020), you're too late; however, you still should check for Teiji's work. Enjoy a few images below of some of my personal favorites.

If you'd like to inquire about any of the works request a catalog from Unit London here.

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